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In this page you will find a list of my website's.
Short details about each one about SEO , DESIGN, and links to the live previews of each other.
Some of the websites might be changed by their curent webdesigner, and there might be a few errors, but i will upload the original designs soon and you'll see the difference.

Backlinks websites...

This websites have each one around 8500 pages with links for specific websites... Togheter with a few other websites that i have from primary section, i have a total 72.000 pages indexed in GOOGLE that help a few websites get a very good position in "search world"

Details and seo...

Total number of Backlinks: 153.092
Ref. Domains : 90
Number of pages : 30.000
12.635 Pages are indexed in google!

The very special thing about this domain is that any search from an Romanian Ip adress in Google that contain the word "videochat" + almost any other word in english or romanian for example : "sand videochat fete" , will get a first page and almost all the time the first position in google search result.
I made a list with 200.000 possible search's on google that will rank on first page or even on first place, you can find that list and more details about this site here: link
Try with almost any english word or name, you will get the same result.

Total number of Backlinks: 876.358
Ref. Domains : 73
Number of pages : 8433 Pages are not indexed yet!

Total number of Backlinks: 11.380
Ref. Domains : 20
Number of pages : 8414 Pages are not indexed yet!

Total number of Backlinks: 121.452
Ref. Domains : 4052
Number of pages : 8433 Pages are not indexed yet!

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